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(Jul 08, 2016)
(Apr 24, 2016)
As we rise from the ashes to raid again who will show and will not be there this go around.
(Apr 24, 2016)
Oh the pain
(Jun 14, 2014)
i miss you
(Oct 28, 2013)
Any of you fuckers still here
(Jul 09, 2012)
boogie woogie wonderland
(May 17, 2012)
If your playing Diablo add my Battle Tag Kiersten#1324
(Jan 19, 2012)
#4 wow Progress coming up in the world #1 is just a few kills away make it happen.
(Oct 26, 2011)
I want to know how Imminent can claim the #10 spot with only 2/7 heroic down? Do 10 man guilds not even count anymore? I know that the people trying to push 7/7 have to be trying to down it on 10 man. Just wondering.
(Oct 25, 2011)
Pandas can wait still a server first Rag open and deathwing has not droped we have current issues to deal with
(Oct 13, 2011)
well, don't give your words so much gravitas then, dora.
(Oct 07, 2011)
I would like to get on a soap box and it not flatten benath my weight.
(Oct 04, 2011)
Heroic Rag here we come!
(Oct 03, 2011)
You know what? Pie > Rag
(Sep 30, 2011)
Was #11 Yesterday ladys I am tierd of this BS 25 mans screwing us we are locking out next week and killing Heroic Rag screw them all
(Sep 30, 2011)
fuckin #12 boys and girls? bad ass. bad fucking ass.
(Sep 19, 2011)
Can you see the sounds of the colors I hear.
(Sep 15, 2011)
lol i don't know what to make of the new mage t13 set. i like big butts and if she cannot cook I dont want any.
(Sep 15, 2011)
yeah, i noticed that. seriously. what the fuck. what.the.fuck.
(Sep 14, 2011)
NOOOOOOOOOO the new legendary in the next raid is a rogue dagger